Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping? Find & Fix The Beeping Issues

Does your hoverboard beep every time you turn it on? The constant beeping can be annoying, especially when you cannot figure out why. There can be multiple problems with the hoverboard that make it beep when you turn it on. As a new user, you might get anxious or annoyed, but there is nothing to get worried about.

A few reasons for the beeping hoverboard are discussed to help you. You can scroll down and read them to learn how to solve this problem. Although it took me a week to gather the information for this article, I will be pleased if it helps you. My friends and I tested the solutions mentioned below. I am sure the article will help you overcome this problem without seeking any help from an expert.

Why Is My Hoverboard Beeping?

Your hoverboard can sometimes beep to give you a signal about a problem. This beeping sound is annoying and intimidating, so you cannot ignore it. The problem is usually internal and should be addressed immediately to eliminate the disturbing sound. As a new hoverboard user, you might fail to figure out the reason for the constant beeping sounds and light.

The possibility of having a serious hoverboard issue is very low, so you need not worry. This disturbing sound can be fixed with a little adjustment and troubleshooting. Scroll down to know the reasons, along with some easy solutions. You do not have to rush to the nearest store to get this fixed. The information below will help you know the reasons for beeping and how to fix it.

Reasons That Your Hoverboard is Beeping

Hoverboard, a self-balancing transporter, or a scooter comes with a proper system. The wheels are motorized and move forward. You have to balance yourself and control the speed by twisting the pads present. As mentioned, a hoverboard has a proper motorized system; you can expect it to beep when something goes wrong.

Based on my experience, turning your hoverboard on and off makes the beeping sound go away. If not, you can read the reasons below, addressing the problem behind the beeping sound. I am sure your hoverboard has any of the problems discussed below.

Low Battery

The most common reason that your hoverboard beeps is low battery. When the battery level drops to 20%, the hoverboard starts to beep so you can put it on charge. This is a good sign because you will know the battery percentage before leaving the house. You won’t have to return halfway when on your way to the park or walk to work.

The beeping sound indicates discharged battery and is common among many vehicles. Hoverboard comes with the same system and produces an irritating sound that cannot be ignored. You will notice a green light when the battery starts draining. After some time, it will change to a red light when the battery becomes critically low. It will be your sign to stop the ride and get back home to put your hoverboard on charge.

Some models have three lights that indicate different signals. If lights start flashing, you should put the hoverboard on charge immediately. Some companies have hoverboards that announce when the battery gets low. Features like Bluetooth can also drain the battery, so don’t use it if you want the charge to last longer.

Uneven Surface

Other than the low battery, your hoverboard will beep when you’re riding on uneven surfaces. Like other vehicles, it can move on inclined surfaces but has limited capacity. If the hoverboard tilts more than 15 degrees, it will start beeping like it does when the battery is low. Even if the hoverboard moves in the forward or backward direction, it will beep on dangerously uneven surfaces.

This keeps you safe because you do not realize you’re riding on an uneven surface and hear the beep of a safety alarm. As a result, the speed can also be controlled, and you ride within the safety limit. You need to protect yourself and the hoverboard by riding at a normal speed. However, the reason for the beeping sound is the balance.

As mentioned, a beeping alarm and flashing lights can be observed if the limit is crossed. However, the range for different hoverboards is mostly between 15 to 20 degrees. They come with incline sensors that work for your safety and send a message if your balance is off. Hence, you must maintain yourself on the self-balancing transporter to avoid accidents.

High Speed

Along with the incline sensors, a hoverboard comes with speed sensors too. A loud beeping sound will be heard if you overpass the limit. The green LED lights will start flashing, producing a loud sound. The circuit board signals the rider to slow down and maintain balance. This sound will automatically turn off if you slow down the hoverboard.

I had no idea about the speed sensors and would ride my hoverboard fast until I heard the beeping sound one day. This is important as your speed limit is checked, and you stay balanced. You need a lot of practice when riding hoverboards; speed sensors will help you stay safe. Moreover, the circuit can get damaged if you cross the limit.

The speed sensors were first introduced in kid’s hoverboards and were later used in adult hoverboards. Some high-quality self-balancing transporters slow down automatically when the beeping sound is heard. The speed is reduced by itself, and you won’t have to do anything. This feature is not present in all hoverboards, and you will have to slow down yourself.

Faulty Motherboard

There are chances that your hoverboard keeps on beeping even if you have charged it. The sound will continue because the motherboard of the hoverboard is faulty. It is considered the brain of this self-balancing transporter, so a fault in it will eventually result in sound and flashing lights. You might be unable to use the hoverboard if it keeps beeping.

This problem can be fixed easily, and you must contact the shop owner. If your hoverboard is under warranty, you can claim it to get fixed. The board can be replaced, and your hoverboard will start functioning properly. It won’t beep unnecessarily like it did even when fully charged.

Loose Wiring

When you put your hoverboard on a charge, and it starts to beep suddenly, it probably has loose wiring. You might not be able to detect this reason initially, but after a week of sudden beeping, you can get it checked. The loose wiring can damage the battery and the motherboard of the hoverboard. This situation will get worse every time you put the hoverboard on charge.

Loose wiring can be extremely dangerous and might be the result of physical damage. This can be done during the manufacturing or delivery process. The loose wires can result in short circuits and damage other hoverboard parts. You can identify this problem by opening the full structure and checking the wires individually.

I would suggest not opening the hoverboard and seeking professional help. You might end up damaging the structure or the important wires. Moreover, sensors for speed and incline can get damaged in the process. Take your self-balancing scooter to the repair shop and get it fixed by an expert to use it again.

Light Test

Light tests can also be done to identify the reason for the beep and find a solution. Observe the LED lights present on the hoverboard to identify the problems. If the green light flashes one time, it means that the motherboard is faulty. Similarly, you can know that the circuit has some issues when the light blinks 2 times.

If the light flashes more than 3 times, it indicates that the hoverboard motor or battery is faulty. In either case, you will have to change the motor or the battery so you can enjoy your rides as usual. When the hoverboard blinks 8 to 9 times, it turns upside down during manufacturing. You will have to put the hoverboard in the right position so that it starts working properly.

How to Fix the Beeping Hoverboard?

To fix the beeping problem of the hoverboard, you can experiment and try the solutions below. They might help you fix the problem independently without seeking professional help. Scroll down and read the details carefully to stop the loud beeping sound of the hoverboard.

Drain The Battery

You need to turn your hoverboard off to stop the beeping sound. This can be done by purposely draining the battery. You can ride your hoverboard in the backyard or street until the battery drains. When done, leave it for a few minutes before putting it on charge. This might fix the beeping problem, as the hoverboard might get reset.


To turn off the beeping, you will have to re-calibrate your hoverboard. The process is simple but will require a few steps only. You need to check the motorized wheels of the hoverboard to see if they are on the same level. When done, please turn on the hoverboard and observe whether it beeps. You can hold onto the power button for a few seconds.

It can be seen that it starts beeping again, and the green light is flashing too. Turn it off and adjust the position of the hoverboard again. When done, turn it on to see if it beeps or not. It means the wheels have been calibrated, so the hoverboard produces no beeping sound. Hence calibration is important and can be fixed to eliminate the beeping sound.

Fixing The Loose Wires

As mentioned above, loose wires can be the reason for constant beeping. To fix this problem, the structure of the hoverboard should be opened so you can attach the wires. Please connect the same color wires so there is no fault. You will be able to ride the hoverboard once the wires connect properly with each other.

The beeping sound will automatically go off if you perform the process correctly. Clip in the wires with each other and secure them so they do not come off again. When done, turn on the hoverboard to check if it produces a beeping sound or is quiet. If you are new and do not want to risk it, you can seek professional help to fix the loose wires.

Hence, these solutions can help you fix the beeping problem. I have used most of them, and surprisingly they worked for me. You can take full advantage of the information and try to fix the hoverboard at home.


Q: How to fix the hoverboard beeping while charging?

You do not have to do anything when the hoverboard beeps while getting charged. When the battery reaches 20%, the hoverboard will stop beeping.

Q: Why is my hoverboard beeping constantly?

The hoverboard might be beeping constantly because it has a faulty motherboard. You must fix the motherboard or change it to stop the beeping sound.

Q: How long does the hoverboard battery last?

The hoverboard’s battery lasts for an hour at maximum. You should check the battery when you plan on going out for a ride.


A detailed article with reasons for the hoverboard beeping is given above so you can identify the problem. The solutions are also mentioned that can help you fix the beeping problem without seeking professional help. A hoverboard has an incline and speed sensor to beep when riding on an uneven surface or over-passing the speed limit. I hope the article was helpful and gave you solutions for the beeping problem.

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