How To Ride A Hoverboard In 4 Steps – A Beginners’ Guide

Skating is one of the favorite activities of Gen Z. Since it is an exciting activity, it has got many changes. Traditional skateboards are now outdated. Hoverboards have replaced skating shoes and skateboards. They are fun to ride, but controlling them can be challenging for some people. Now, the question arises, how to ride a hoverboard without falling?

A hoverboard is a levitating board one can use for transportation. It consists of two motorized wheels with articulated pads to place feet. You can control the speed of your hoverboard by leaning forward or back. The following article contains all details regarding a hoverboard and a few essential tips to help you ride a hoverboard without falling.

How To Ride A Hoverboard?

Basic Hoverboard Riding Tips

You can ride your hoverboard only when you know some essential riding tips. The following are the most prominent yet helpful hoverboard riding tips for beginners and can help them improve their performance. Choose an ideal hoverboard according to your skill level to ride a hoverboard smoothly.

A professional hoverboard is unsuitable for beginners because they can’t control it properly. When I was new at hoverboarding, I chose an expensive professional hoverboard, which made it difficult for me to control the board as a beginner. Therefore, an entry-level hoverboard is ideal for beginners because it allows you to learn basic moves and tricks by maintaining a normal speed and preventing falls.

Secondly, the most essential thing is to use safety gear. No matter what, do not ride a hoverboard without safety gear. Moreover, you must choose a smooth track to ride a hoverboard. A rough track can result in certain injuries. Find a flat surface to learn basic moves and tricks for riding a hoverboard smoothly.

How to Get on a Hoverboard?

How to get on a hoverboard

One of the essential things before riding a hoverboard is to ensure you are standing in the correct position. A wrong posture can adversely affect your performance. Hence, you must follow the following steps to correct your posture and ride a hoverboard without falling.

Choose a Flat Surface

As I mentioned above, choosing a flat and smooth surface is the best way to practice your moves on a hoverboard. Hence, you must choose an even surface with less crowd and place your hoverboard on that surface.

Turn on Your Hoverboard

Once you choose a perfect surface to place your hoverboard on, the next step you must perform is to turn your hoverboard on. Additionally, make sure to get on the board after it turns on. In other words, getting on your board before turning it on will not let the board perform its self-balancing function.

Put One Foot on the Hoverboard

After turning on a hoverboard, it’s time to step on it. Make sure to put one foot on the hoverboard. It doesn’t matter which foot you choose; you must put one foot at a time. Moreover, keep your foot as close to the wheels as possible for better performance. Putting your foot far away from the wheels results in an imbalanced ride.

Put Your Second Foot on the Hoverboard

Now, it’s time to put your second foot on the hoverboard. The process is similar to the previous one. Make sure to put your feet as close as possible to the wheels. I knew little about these tips when I was new at riding a hoverboard. Hence, I kept my feet close to each other and far from the wheels, resulting in an injury because of an unstable ride. You must keep your feet close to the wheels for a stable ride.

Stand Straight

Once you get on a hoverboard, keeping your posture correct is the main thing. Stay still because you can fall if you keep moving on the board. Stand straight on the board and stay still. Once you are ready to move, you can start moving your board per the instructions below.

Steps to Ride a Hoverboard

Read a Manual

Although almost all hoverboards work similarly, you must read its user manual before riding it to avoid any inconvenience in the future. Some advanced hoverboards contain a learning mode for beginners to help them improve their ride. To make sure your hoverboard has this mode or not, reading the user manual is a must.

Speed Up

Once you get on your hoverboard per the instructions in the above guide, it’s time to start moving. To move forward, lean forward slightly. Make sure to go light on your board because leaning forward a lot can result in a high speed, and you won’t be able to control it. Therefore, keep your feet light on the board and lean forward slightly.

If you want to increase the speed of your hoverboard, lean forward a bit more. Straighten your body and move your heels backward to slow down your speed. Initially, you might find it difficult to handle, but with time you can control it properly. Moreover, many hoverboards have a speed limiter that starts beeping if you exceed the limit. Hence, it will help you maintain your speed in the learning mode.

Turn Left And Right

Moving forward is extremely easy, but turning left and right for beginners can be challenging. To turn your hoverboard left or right, you must remember to use muscular power. You must push your right toe and left toe to turn right. In other words, this mechanism works oppositely. You must lean in the opposite direction to the way you try to turn your hoverboard. Hence, for the left side, push the right toes; for the right side, push the left toes.

In addition, you must try to turn left or right using your feet and legs and not the waist. Keeping your feet horizontally while turning in any position is necessary because it results in a bigger turn. Remember, the bigger the toe movement, the sharper the turn. Hence, you must be careful when turning left or right on a hoverboard.

Spinning In Circles

Once you learn the basic movements to ride a hoverboard, it’s time to learn how to spin in circles while maintaining balance. It is one of the basic and most exciting hoverboarding tricks for beginners. This procedure is the same as turning left and right but remember some tips. When you turn clockwise, make sure to use your left foot. In contrast, use your right foot when turning anti-clockwise.

How to Get Off a Hoverboard?

Many individuals get so excited about riding a hoverboard that they forget the tips to get off it safely. If you are curious about how to get off a hoverboard, the following steps can help you in multiple ways.

Make sure not to get off your board when it is moving. Getting off a moving hoverboard is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injuries. Therefore, you must ensure your board is not moving when getting off. Once you stop, you board and put your body weight on your dominant foot. It doesn’t matter if it is the right or left foot.

The only thing that matters is to use a dominant foot to maintain your body balance. Remove your other foot from the board by stepping back on the ground. Once done, take off your second foot. One of the safety measures you must remember when getting off a hoverboard is to avoid jumping.

Safety Tips

Before digging into the following article, you must know the safety tips for hoverboarding. Safety tips remain the same for everyone, whether a professional or a beginner. The most prominent thing one can do for his safety is to use safety gear. First, use a durable, premium-quality helmet to protect yourself from head injuries. Additionally, you can use wrist, knee, and elbow pads to prevent severe injuries.


Q: What is the correct way to ride a hoverboard?

The correct way to ride a hoverboard is to keep your body straight and still. Slightly lean forward to move in a forward direction. Furthermore, move your right foot and left foot to turn right.

Q: How do you get on and off a hoverboard?

To get on a hoverboard, turn on your hoverboard and place your foot closest to the wheel and the other to the other for a balanced ride. Make sure to keep your body straight and still for better stability.

Q: How do you use self-balancing on a hoverboard?

Some modern hoverboards have a self-balancing technique that allows users to maintain their balance and learn basic movements. It is ideal for beginner riders if you want to activate that feature on your board.


The above guide contains detailed information on how to ride a hoverboard as a beginner without falling. Before reading the tips for riding a hoverboard, you must know the ways to get on a hoverboard. You must keep your body straight and still while standing on the board. Furthermore, you should use your right foot to turn left and your left foot to turn right. From the above article, you can also learn the tips to spin in circles on a hoverboard.

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