How To Turn On A Hoverboard? A Step-By-Step Guide

Imagine you are on the carpet of Aladdin, flying above the ground and wandering around the town. It seems like a dream but now we have developed hoverboards that work similarly to the carpet of Aladdin. You may have seen people in the streets using hoverboards for covering small distances. It looks not only cool but like a sci-fi movie scene. But using such technological innovations is a bit difficult.

Although they are delicate, people like you and me, do not even know how to turn the hoverboard on and off. In such conditions, we try to tap on various buttons which may change the setting of the hoverboard and make it difficult to ride on it. Therefore, one should gather information on how to use the hoverboard, turn it off and on, move it, and so on. Remember, you have spent your hard-earned money on purchasing it, do not ruin the machine.

How to Turn on a Hoverboard?

We are living in a world of machines, it is appropriate to say that “this world has more machines than humans, machines have lent this planet to us”. Hoverboard is one of the latest technologies which has fulfilled the dream of humans to fly in the air. Although hover-cars are not as popular as boards, in the future we will see them everywhere. Hoverboards are also more affordable and you can buy hoverboards under $100 as well.

This revolution of technology is occurring faster than we imagined in the 20th century and we are on the verge of transforming the transportation system completely. Such as skateboards to hoverboards, cars to hover-cars, and so on. But in this quick transformation, we are unable to understand how to deal with these technological innovations, how to operate them, use them, and turn them off.

Don’t worry, it is not something you should be ashamed of because, in the beginning, we all have no idea how things operate. But it does not mean you stop using the hoverboards and stay on your sofa. All you need is simple guidance plus instructions with safety measures for you to use hoverboards. The next 5 minutes are the most important because you will learn to use these futuristic technologies.

Steps to Turn On Hoverboard

As you know, it is hard to deal with the latest innovations. I have divided all the procedures into a few steps. In these steps, you will learn how to turn the hoverboard on and off. Plus, I added measures you should take while dealing with the hoverboard. Take a deep breath before you start and follow my lead.

Step: 1

Before you start finding the button to turn on the board, ensure that it has a battery or not. Let me tell you, a board is an amalgamation of multiple parts from battery to wheels and a position to stand for the rider. Battery plays a significant role in running the board because it is the major source of power. Therefore, you should ensure that the board has a battery.

Once you see the battery, examine the charging percentage. The majority of the latest hoverboards possess an LED light for the battery low indication. In case the battery is low, you should charge it and then take it out for the tour. Anyhow, the first step is to ensure the battery percentage before going to hang out with friends.

Step: 2

Then comes the power button, you have checked the battery and the board is ready to ride. Spotting the power button is the easiest step, all you need is to check each and every side of the board. Mostly, the power buttons are located at the top or the bottom of the hoverboard. The power button is recognizable on the basis of its large shape, a bit longer size, and marks on the button.

Here is a critical point most people neglect while purchasing a hoverboard. First, it is possible your hoverboard is automatic, as you put your feet on it and lean ahead, the board starts running. Another possibility is, the hoverboard is with a remote controller for turning on and off. The third and last possibility, the hoverboard’s functionality is based on vocal instructions.

The market for hoverboards is growing day by day, so it is hard for me to spot which hoverboard you have, but I will advise you to read the manual which comes with the board. It will guide you where the power button is located, or whether your hoverboard is automatic or not.

Step: 3

Suppose, your board is based on automatic body instructions, then you do not need the power button. But if you find a power button, turn it on by pushing with mild strength. Maybe the hoverboard takes time so keep it pressed until you see visible LEDs and a beep sound. Sometimes, the boards do not have beep sounds, in such conditions, you can rely on the LEDs.

In case you pressed the power button but the hoverboard neither showed any indication of power, then you should search the setting. If the hoverboard is compatible with any application, go into the setting, press on the “power” options, and find the feature of “power lock”. In case you see “power is locked” then you should unlock the power and your hoverboard will start running.

Step: 4

Every hoverboard requires a setting before using it which we call the calibration of the hoverboard. Put the hoverboard on a flat surface and step your feet on it. Adjust yourself accurately and inquire if you are over-leaning. Gradually lean forward and the hoverboard will start running.

As the hoverboard begins going forward, you should check it by turning it left and right. If you feel unstable while turning, rearrange your position and start the journey again. Once you are standing stable on the board, you can cover mile after mile on the board.

Step: 5

So you have wandered around the town, and now you feel tired and want to turn the board off. Step off and press the power button again for a moment, the hoverboard will turn off within a second. In case it does not turn off with the power button, then there will be a separate button for turning the hoverboard off. You press for a moment and the board will be off.

Safety Measures

Riding the hoverboard is fascinating but the experience of being cool can be dangerous if you are not conscious enough. I am not talking about the normal accidents which have very less probabilities but a few considerations before stepping on the hoverboard. Suppose, you are riding the board for the first time, as you lean forward, your foot slips and you fall down on the ground.

It might seem funny but people experience such conditions when they start riding the board for the first time. When I stepped on the board and was about to put another, I slipped and fell down on the ground because of losing balance. Therefore, such incidents can occur to anyone, you should stay prepared in advance to face the harsh results. Here is a list of the safety measures for riding the hoverboard for the first time.

Safety Tips for Hoverboard Riders

Wear Safety Gears

Whenever someone approaches me and asks how to start hoverboarding, I ask them to start with safety gear. Actually, in the beginning, no one is a master of any skill, everyone requires support, a hand for assistance, and protection from potential threats. So, you must consider wearing safety gear. Here are a few I have listed!

  1. Helmet: The head is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, you may experience a long duration of unconsciousness or death. Whether you ride a hoverboard, bike, or motorbike helmet is the most significant element. Do not forget to wear a full-head hoverboard helmet.
  2. Knee Pads: The next safety tip is to use knee pads while running the board. Actually, you have no idea how to stay stable while standing on a board with two wheels. If you are not covering the sensitive areas of your body, you may face a big loss.
  3. Elbow Pads: The body parts I am mentioning such as the head, knees, and elbows are the places that have a high risk to suffer from an accident. You should always cover these body parts and then go outside.
  4. Comfy Shoes: Remember, if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, you will never be able to enjoy hoverboarding. Wear shoes with deep heels, soft mid-soles, and sturdy material.

Places Where Should You Ride

The nature of a road determines the stability and speed of your hoverboard. No matter how powerful the board is, if the ground is not flat, all is in vain. So, there are a few places where you should ride the hoverboard otherwise you may be unable to go ahead. I have made a list, see below!

  1. Flat & Open Areas: All you need is to understand that riding the hoverboard is not as simple as it seems. When I started using the hoverboard, I took my first ride on an open area with flat ground. You should also pick a place which has no walls, no broken and rough roads.

Where Not To Ride

  1. Public Places: Never ride the hoverboard on a public path or in public places for the first time. It can be highly dangerous for you because the psychological social influence of people can trigger anxiety which may lead you to lose your balance and come in contact with a barrier.
  2. Unpaved Roads: Because hoverboards are newly developed technology, you should keep in mind that they are delicate as compared to skateboards, bikes, and motorbikes. Their wheels cannot stand against tough terrains and the user can lose the balance if the board tries to pass over a rock. So, never use the hoverboard on the rough terrain.


All adrenaline junkies love to ride the hoverboard faster than their limits but it can be dangerous and consequential for them. Although boards do not offer high speed in case you are trying to reach faster than normal, you may suffer from injuries, So, ride at a slow speed when you start learning the hoverboard and be careful while turning the hoverboard.

Other Consideration

The above four were the most significant ones. The rest of the considerations are not as important as them but you should still follow. First, do not use a cell phone while riding the hoverboard, in case you receive a message or call, stop the board and then attend to it in a corner, not on the path. Second, keep a distance between you and the next rider.

Ride at the corner of the road or on the path, do not go in the center of the terrain. Try to avoid mental dissociation and focus on the direction. Check the hoverboard before you start your journey, do not ride a broken one. Turn the hoverboard off after use and keep it in a safe place.

Why is My Hoverboard Not Turning On?

why is my hoverboard not turning on

There could be many reasons why your hoverboard is not turning on. I will advise you to check the power button and battery. Sometimes, the battery is not fully charged; you may experience a dead hoverboard. On the other hand, the power button may deteriorate over time so you should also check it before taking the board to a technician.

If the battery is fully charged and the power button is operating then you should seek expert assistance. The hoverboard is a delicate means of transport, it can be damaged with heavyweight or run on unpaved roads. The inner machinery may be damaged, so do not use such a hoverboard. Take it to the expert instead of experimenting on it at home.


Hoverboards are the choice of every second person in the region but I should inform you that riding a hoverboard without following these considerations could be illegal. Actually, states are legislating the rules and regulations for riding the hoverboard. Therefore, you should check if the hoverboard is allowed to ride without a helmet in your state.

Plus, search where a rider should ride the hoverboard on the road or on the side path. These two are the most significant considerations you should follow otherwise you may face a heavy charge.


Q: Where is the power button on the hoverboard?

The power button of a hoverboard is located at the bottom right side. But it depends on the model, the old version had the power button on the top side and the latest ones have the under button. So, you should find it on your own.

Q: Do hoverboards light up when charging?

Yes, almost all hoverboards have charging indicators. The charging light will turn on as you plug in and when the hoverboard is fully charged, the light will turn green. Never overcharge the hoverboard otherwise its battery life will decrease.

Q: Does a hoverboard use a battery?

Yes, hoverboards use lithium ion batteries for functioning. The battery duration varies according to model but the average battery age is about 6 to 8 hours. It also depends on the weight of the rider.

Q: Why is my hoverboard beeping?

The hoverboard beeps to indicate to the user about re-calibrating. The balance mechanism needs to be reset after a few days because of the increase or decrease in the weight of users. On the other hand, some hoverboards beep after you turn them on.

Q: How much weight can a hoverboard take?

The average limit of a hoverboard for lifting the weight is about 120 lbs. But their weight range is dependent upon the size of the hoverboard. If the hoverboard has 6.5 inches of wheels, it can lift 220 lbs. So, a rider should check his weight before stepping on the hoverboard.


Hoverboard is just a glimpse of the future of transportation. It is one of the most advanced technological developments we have achieved yet. However, the speed of developing these innovations is high but their users seem confused and unable to understand how to operate these machines. In my opinion, it is because of chaos in the world of technology that is forcing people to use these machines without any guidance.

Anyhow, you should not pick up any machine from a hoverboard to a VR helmet without guidance otherwise you will ruin the product and waste your hard-earned money. I have had the same experiences in the past but I will never let you waste your money and efforts. That’s why I have explained how to turn on a hoverboard. Plus, I mentioned the significant considerations a rider should remember and what should you do in case the hoverboard does not work.

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