How To Calibrate A Hoverboard: A Step-By-Step Guide

Finally, you have purchased a hoverboard but do not know how to operate it or how to calibrate it. It is not something to be ashamed of, we are all born with a blank mind, and we all need to learn things. Anyhow, calibrating a hoverboard is all about a 30 seconds task, whether you have a remote or non-remote hoverboard. Every hoverboard has different capacities but thanks to the standard settings, you can calibrate any hoverboard with a single method.

Calibrating a hoverboard is highly significant before you for a ride. Without setting the balance, you will be unable to control the hoverboard completely, lose balance, and suffer major injuries. Therefore, you should always check the balance, calibrate the hoverboard and then use it. Now the responsibility to teach you how to calibrate a hoverboard is mine, follow my lead and I will tell you a simple method.

How To Calibrate A Hoverboard?

Let’s say you start using a hoverboard without setting the balance, will you be able to ride? The answer is yes, you can still ride it but the hoverboard will not be accurate. Second, the rider will face a tough time while controlling the hoverboard. It is like you are riding a punctured wheel bike, here neither can you move appropriately nor the bike requires more strength.

The same goes with a hoverboard which is not balanced yet, it will take more energy. In simple words, you will need more and more batteries. On the other hand, you can suffer from accidents or wounds, so, I will advise you to calibrate your hoverboard before you go out with friends. Then comes how you can accomplish this task, sincerely, you can do it on your own with the help of my guide.

Actually, technology is developing at the speed of light and people are unable to operate the latest technological innovations. Learning how to calibrate a hoverboard is also an example of less exposure to advanced technology. But now you have the opportunity to calibrate a hoverboard at home. If you go outside for calibration, they will charge you at least 10 bucks but with my guidance, you will be able to do it on your own.

Steps to Calibrate a Hoverboard

Because the majority of people are unfamiliar with this procedure, I have divided the methodology into simple steps. You can follow my step by step if you find it difficult. Although this methodology applies to all brands of hoverboards, if you have a rarest hoverboard that has different settings then seek professional help. Here are steps for calibrating a non-remote hoverboard.


The first step is to put your hoverboard on the ground. Mostly, people place the hoverboard at any place but you should know the complexities which can disrupt your hoverboard calibration procedure. The most important point here to note is that the place where you put the hoverboard should be flat.


After checking the level of the ground, you should turn the hoverboard on. It might cause a bit of difficulty because usually, people do not know how to turn the hoverboard on. For this, you have to find a gray button located at the bottom under the hoverboard. In the beginning, these buttons were located at the top but now they are under the bottom side. Press the power button for 5 seconds once you find it and wait for the beep sound.


Because there is no more space on the body, they do not build longer or wider buttons, on the other hand, the majority of the hoverboards have a single piece of metal board with only power buttons. If this rule applies to your board, you should consider the power button as the sole source of calibration.

All you need is to press this button, most probably the gray, for more than 10 to 15 seconds. Again, you will hear a beep sound, this beep is a clear indication that the calibration process has started. During this process, you should not change the place or position of the hoverboard or stand on it. Instead of it, leave it for more than 30 seconds and wait for another beep.


Currently, the process has begun, you have to tilt the board forward for 5 to 10 seconds. It is important for calibration. As you tilt the hoverboard for a moment, you will see a red light coming out of the LED bulb. It is an indication that the first part of calibration has been completed.


The second part of the calibration initiates when you tilt the hoverboard backward. Here you are setting the balance, so wait until you see a green light coming out of the hoverboard. After 10 to 15 seconds, the light will turn on and the second part of the calibration has completed.


The last is to maintain the position of the hoverboard so that it looks like the board is standing upright. It is the last step for calibrating the hoverboard. This was the method for non remote hoverboards. But what if you have one which supports remote? For such hoverboards, read further, I have a convenient way to solve the problem.

Calibrating a Remote Controlled Hoverboard

Calibrating a Remote Controlled Hoverboard

The beginning to calibrate the hoverboard is similar, one has to put the board on flat ground. After you have checked if the ground is paved, you turn on the hoverboard with a power button. Here is the procedure for calibration changes. To understand better, here are all the methods discussed in steps.


Because the hoverboard is controlled by the remote, you have to press the power button for more than 10 seconds. As you keep your finger on it, a beep sound will come out of the hoverboard. It means the process of calibration has been initiated. Do not leave the button, until you hear the sound.


Now you have to step on the hoverboard and tilt it forward plus backward. During the calibration, you are informing the hoverboard about your weight and balance, therefore, you should focus on the LED indicators. When the red light turns on, it means the half calibration has been completed. Then you will see a green light, which means the second half of the calibration has been done.


Whether you are calibrating on the remote or you have a non remote hoverboard, keep in mind that you have to lock the new calibration settings. This feature is available because the majority of the people failed to calibrate in the early attempts. But after three to four times, they learn to calibrate. You can save it by pressing the power button for a moment.


Q: Do hoverboards need to be calibrated?

Yes, one must calibrate the hoverboard before using it. Actually, it is all about re-balancing or re-stabilizing. So, if you are using a hoverboard for a long period, re-calibrate.

Q: Why is my hoverboard beeping and not moving?

It is a simple indication that the hoverboard needs to be re-calibrated. You can do this task by following the steps mentioned above.


Future belongs to hoverboards, hover-bikes, and hover-cars. Instead of considering them complicated, we can effortlessly learn how to use these means of transportation. Anyhow, I have mentioned a brief methodology on how to calibrate a hoverboard. I also discussed the calibration method for the remote hoverboards. Now you do this task at home, go and start the procedure. I hope this information helps you, thank you!

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