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In this guide, we will teach you how to calibrate a hoverboard in just one minute. As you know, hoverboards have become the most popular and easy mode of personal transportation. You can use it for short travel. On the other hand, a hoverboard is the medium of fun for the youth.

So it might be possible some issues took place when you are using a hoverboard. We’re gonna show you how to troubleshoot one of the most common problems that people run into with their hoverboards: how to calibrate hoverboard.

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Calibration process of Hoverboard (Any Model)

If your hoverboard isn’t balancing right, it’s time to calibrate it.

Here are the steps:

  • First, completely turn off the hoverboard
  • Secondly, make sure both wheels and both footpads are as level as possible
  • Then make sure you don’t move it While calibrating
  • Next, step press and hold the power button
  • Battery light comes on first, and maybe then red lights will flash at that release the power button it will go through its series of resets
  • And check the lights will flash
  • Leaving it for about 20 to 30 seconds during the flashing light cycle
  • At that point, re-calibration complete turn the board off and back on
  • You are done

Calibration process completed

When and why you should calibrate your hoverboard

At some scenario a hoverboard need calibration like If it turns to one side slower than the other, doesn’t feel even, or red lights are flashing when you can’t use the board, by calibrating hoverboard you can resolve the problem. If you seems both hoverboard side not working well you can calibrate it.

Basically Calibration in every couple of weeks is good for hoverboard because it impact positive on hoverboard performance. So it’s really easy to do. By calibrate a hoverboard many errors can be fix and you can enjoy better riding experience.

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How to Calibrate Bluetooth Hoverboard

The Calibration process of the Bluetooth hoverboard also the same as like non-Bluetooth hoverboard. The difference is that when you are calibrating a Bluetooth hoverboard, some risks are involved. It might be possible Bluetooth chip burnt, but it is a rare chance. This may happen when you can’t perform the calibration process completely.

Hoverboard TroubleShooting – Hoverboard Won’t Calibrate

If your hoverboard can’t calibrate, then you need to run a series of troubleshooting exercise to find out why the hoverboard calibration is not working. You should check the hoverboard’s LED lights if it is stuck on and problems with the self-balancing system. In this case, you can resolve this problem by replacing the hoverboard’s gyroscope. Hopefully, by following this process, your hoverboard can calibrate easily.

How to Calibrate Hoverboard With Remote

Basically, the remote is the additional function of some hoverboard. You can control the speed of the hoverboard by using the remote. This function is beneficial in control the hoverboard. So it might be possible you notice some error when you are using this hoverboard. At that point, you need to calibrate the hoverboard by using the mentioned instructions above. You can easily equal the booth footpads of the hoverboard by using the remote feature.

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