One Side of Hoverboard Not Working- Complete Guide

If you are facing the issue that one side of your hoverboard is not working well. The major problem of hoverboard users for some time is that one side of hoverboards stops working for some reason. Mainly it might be possible that one wheel setups blocked or a technical fault inside of hoverboards. It is a machine; it might be possible when they use it to face problems, and these are not the bigger problem of hoverboards. These are fixable very quickly.

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  • First thing you need to check which side of the hoverboard not working
  • After checking complete, turn off the hoverboard
  • Levels both wheel make sure both sides of the hoverboard are equal
  • Then On the hoverboard and hold the power button
  • Hold it about 30 to 40 seconds until it restarts
  • It might be possible for the other side of the hoverboard to start work again

If the hoverboard’s damaged side still does not work, you can open the one side with a screw and check out what fault in it. You can check the wheel’s movement by rotating the wheel; if it does not spin, it’s the fault. You can check out all the effected side plugs one by one; if anyone is effected, you can resolve it by replacing it easily.

Mainly 2 faults are common when hoverboards stop to work that are fault in gyroscope and motherboard of one side. When it continuously work then balance of gyroscope misplace and different types of faults are common in motherboard like plug off, wires disconnection etc. You can easily sort out and solve the issue.

When hoverboard both sides not working, you can check out both gyroscopes and the motherboard of a hoverboard. When you press the On button, if its blue lights remain on, it means its gyroscope goes out. If it is not functioning properly, it might be possible faults in the motherboard by replacing it could be solved. The first thing needs to see the battery of the hoverboard work correctly; some time battery creates issues.

How to fix a hoverboard wheel

If you face the issue the wheel of the hoverboard is stuck, you need to fix it if you want to start hoverboard’s riding again. It’s pretty easy to unassemble the wheel from the hoverboard. Basically, a hoverboard wheel has a small motor inside and little slabs of a magnet they composed inside the wheel. Sometimes wheel stuck because the washer broke which is inside the baring. When the washer is broken, it completely stops the wheel rotation. Only by replacing the washer, you can fix the issue.

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