How To Clean A Hoverboard: A Step-By-Step Guide

Hoverboard is not something to add to your monthly bucket list, it is more of an investment that riders make for years. In this way, you should buy a durable, reliable, strong, and stable hoverboard that lasts for years. Well, no matter how nicely built a hoverboard is, it still needs good care and maintenance because hoverboards are exposed to external impact-causing factors like rain, moisture, heat, etc.

Cleaning is an integral part of maintaining or taking care of the hoverboard. It helps remove dirt and debris from the hoverboard and increases its safety, shelf-life, and overall value. That’s why every rider should be aware of how to clean a hoverboard nicely. In this article, I’ll share with you how you can clean and maintain the hoverboard in detail.

How To Clean A Hoverboard

Cleaning the hoverboard doesn’t mean you need to roughly wipe it with a cloth piece and you are done! But cleaning includes maintenance and wiping off every component of the hoverboard. If you are about to clean the hoverboard for the first time, don’t worry because I have got you already. In this blog, I’ll share the quickest way to clean and maintain the hoverboard. Follow the steps below to clean your hoverboard like a pro.

Tools and Materials Needed for Cleaning:

  • Soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth
  • Bucket of warm water
  • Mild soap or cleaning solution
  • Towel or rag for drying

Step1: Unplug the Hoverboard

Before you start cleaning the hoverboard, the first thing you need to do is to unplug the hoverboard. This is because of the safety measures because wiring can cause electric sparks because you’ll use water, cleaning agents, or more to clean the hoverboard.

Another reason why a rider should unplug the hoverboard in the first place is that most hoverboards come with Lithium-ion batteries which are volatile and prone to explosion if they come in contact with high temperatures. Long story short, the first step that I always follow to clean my hoverboard is to unplug it.

After unplugging the hoverboard, you can take it to the workstation, garden, car porch, or wherever you want to clean the hoverboard. I typically take it in my garage where I have a small and sophisticated setup with good lights. After getting the hoverboard there, you can begin cleaning its components one by one.

Step2: Clean the Hoverboard Wheels

The first component you should start cleaning with is the wheel of the hoverboard. Wheels are the primary support or base of the hoverboard which are embedded in the bottom area, similar to cars and other vehicles. You need to make sure there is any dirt, debris, or clogged pollutant in the wheels visually. After doing a quick check, you need to clean the wheels using a damp cloth piece.

If there is any stubborn dirt on the hoverboard wheels, then you can use water or some cleaning liquid as well. But please remember that if you are using any agent to clean the hoverboard wheels, you will need to be extra careful.

It is very important to make sure that each of the unwanted particles is cleaned out of the wheels. This is because a minor or ignorable particle in the wheels can damage the hoverboard sensors and over time, it will be disadvantageous for your hoverboard.

After cleaning the hoverboard wheels, make sure to rest them and let them dry in the air completely before a ride or even storage. This is because the damp condition is not favorable for the hoverboard wheels.

Another thing you need to check after cleaning the hoverboard wheels is their alignment. Please make sure that both hoverboard wheels are aligned equally; there should be no gap in the arrangement.

Step3: Clean the Hoverboard Battery

After cleaning the hoverboard wheels, you can move on to the hoverboard battery. As I said before, almost all hoverboards come with a Lithium-ion battery which is efficient, budget-friendly, and reliable.

But apart from all these perks, Lithium-ion is highly volatile and prone to explosion if it gets contact with high temperatures. That’s why you need to be extra careful when cleaning the Lithium-ion battery of the hoverboard.

To clean the hoverboard battery, the first thing you need to do is to set up the table where you’ll be cleaning the battery. This is because you cannot place a Lithium-ion battery anywhere or everywhere.

Now remove the battery from the hoverboard compartment and place it on the table you arranged carefully. Removing the hoverboard batteries is not a difficult task to do, lift the hoverboard from one side and slide the battery from inside it. Usually, the hoverboard comes with two Lithium-ion batteries.

Clean the plastic housing using warm water. If you see a speck of stubborn dirt or grease in there, use mild soap to get rid of it. After cleaning, rinse the area with cold water, and leave the housing for a few minutes so that the air dries completely.

Now that the hoverboard is completely dry, it’s time to replace the batteries. You can also check the batteries and replace them if needed.

Step4: Clean the Hoverboard Shell

Now that you have cleaned both wheels and batteries of the hoverboard, it’s time to pay attention to the hoverboard shell. To maintain a clean and healthy look, you need to clean the hoverboard shell frequently.

Cleaning the hoverboard shell is not a tedious job to do; you can simply use a damp cloth piece or a soft towel piece to do it. However, please remember one thing, hoverboard shells are not resistant to water, so don’t even think of submerging them into a water tub or something to thoroughly clean.

After cleaning the hoverboard shells, wipe down the dirt and make sure there is no residue left on the shell. Now place the hoverboard shell at room temperature for air drying before you go for a ride or store the hoverboard.

Step5: Clean the Hoverboard LEDs

Last but not least, when cleaning the hoverboards, don’t forget about the LED lights. Almost all the latest hoverboards come with LED lights that you need to clean too. To clean the hoverboard lights and remove excessive dust or unwanted particles from them, please use a damp cloth piece. It is not suggested to use cleaning agents or even mild soap while cleaning the hoverboard LEDs.

Here is a video tutorial to super clean your hoverboard in just a few minutes:

Tips to Clean a Hoverboard Like a Pro

Before cleaning the hoverboard, never forget to turn off and unplug it. You can use mild soap or a cleaning agent to get rid of stubborn dirt. Please don’t use harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your hoverboard. Never scrub the hoverboard. Always wipe the hoverboard with a dry and clean cloth piece.

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Hoverboard Clean

  • Clean your hoverboard regularly to prevent dirt and grime buildup.
  • Avoid exposing your hoverboard to water or other liquids, as this can damage the electronic components.
  • Use a protective cover or case when transporting your hoverboard to prevent scratches and other damage.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Hoverboards?

There can be many reasons why you need to clean the hoverboard and maintain it regularly like to maintain the safety element, to increase the speed of the hoverboard because dirty hoverboards can’t run fast, to elongate their shelf-life and market value, and so on.

The Bottom Line

That’s all for how to clean a hoverboard! Cleaning a hoverboard is not a challenging task to do, but it is an essential thing; otherwise, the market value, longevity, speed, safety, and overall performance of the hoverboard will get affected.

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