How Long Do Hoverboards Last? Surprising Facts!

Hoverboards are fun to ride! When buying a hoverboard, you need to look for many things like construction quality, resistance, battery life, gyroscopes, safety, sensors, wheels, and so on. This is because a hoverboard is not something one can buy repeatedly; that’s why you need to buy a durable one to invest your money in a good-quality product that provides safety and lets you roam around the city freely.

In this sequence, it is important to know how long do hoverboards last. Well, the longevity of hoverboards depends on two things: material choice or build quality and battery. In this article, I’ll discuss both in detail to answer how long hoverboards last, how long hoverboard batteries last, and other relatable queries. Let’s discuss:

How Long Do Hoverboards Last?

On average, hoverboards last anywhere between 3 to 4 years. It strictly depends on how you use your hoverboard. When buying a hoverboard, durability is the top-most factor that needs your prior consideration. This is because hoverboards are not something to add to your monthly bucket list. In consideration of that, you should choose a hoverboard that lasts for a long time. Below I’ve mentioned a few things to consider when buying a hoverboard.

Check Warranties and Guarantees

Usually, everything comes with a warranty, especially electronics or gadgets. Likewise, the hoverboards also offer a guarantee of one year to two years or even more depending on the brand and product. In my opinion, never buy a product blindly, do check the guarantee offers and warranty claims to be safe.

Not only a warranty claim saves you from worthless products, but it also helps in case you receive the wrong product or damaged item. There are a couple of brands offering money-back guarantees, warranties, and more; please don’t forget to check details about that from the official website of the product or brand.

Typical Age of the Hoverboard

As far as “how long do hoverboards last”, I must say that the typical age of the hoverboard is three to four years or more. However, the longevity of the hoverboard depends on many factors, like, the build quality, material choice, brand, battery quality, and so on. Likewise, some hoverboards last longer while others are so flimsy that they have a shelf-life of no more than a year.

In my opinion, care and maintenance are another role-playing element in this regard. If you take good care of the hoverboard, clean it regularly, and maintain its battery properly, the hoverboard will last for a long time. In contrast, if you deal with the hoverboard roughly, it will not stay with you for long.

As per my experience, the care routine makes a big difference, not only in the lifetime of the hoverboard but also in the safety and stability of the hoverboard. If you don’t maintain the hoverboard as per suggested in the user manual, you might get caught in an accident.

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Hoverboards typically come with Lithium-ion battery packs, which give up to one hour of ride on a single charge. The battery life of the hoverboard depends on many different factors including the motor strength, wheel sizes, battery quality, weather conditions, and regular upkeep habits.

Typical Age of the Hoverboard Battery

Typically, the hoverboard battery lasts for one to up to two years, but again this depends on many things, for example, how you maintain a battery, its cleaning, charging timings, usability, and so on. The list is pretty long, but in a few words, I must say you should avoid buying cheap-quality batteries for hoverboards.

Well, no matter how much you care, the hoverboard battery will not last more than two and a half or three years. After this time, you should replace the hoverboard battery; otherwise, your riding experience will become terrifying.

Cheap hoverboard batteries could be a reason for fire risks, accidental falls, unreliable boarding, and more. That’s why you should always check which battery you’re purchasing for replacement or for the first time. OSHA has approved certain battery-producing brands and has set some standards related to hoverboard batteries or simple Lithium-ion batteries, don’t forget to check that.

How to Increase the Battery Life of Hoverboard

As I said earlier, you can increase the battery life of the hoverboard by opting for a few instructions or ways. Well; don’t worry, if you are not aware of any as in this section, I’ll share the methods that help you to improve the battery life of the hoverboard at home. All of the following ways and tips are based on my vast experience with hoverboards, so it will be a practical decision.

Keep an Eye on the Battery Before Leaving Home

Before leaving your home, always check the charging of the hoverboard battery. If the battery is indicating a red signal, it means you should charge the hoverboard battery before you leave for a ride. However, the green light indicates that the hoverboard battery is fully charged and you are good to go.

This is very important to check the battery life of the hoverboard because if the battery ends at any point of riding, the hoverboard will not move an inch forward. In consideration of that, you should never ride on red lights.

Sometimes riders, usually kids, are in a hurry and don’t wait for the hoverboard battery for a full charge. This is completely wrong because it not only indulges you in unwanted happenings but will also negatively impact the battery of the hoverboard in the long term.

Keep an Eye on the Weight Limit

Every hoverboard has a certain weight-carrying capacity based on its power, speed, build quality, and other relatable factors. The weight carrying capacity or weight holding capacity is mentioned in the product description section of each hoverboard.

Even if you are buying a hoverboard from the physical market, you can ask about it from the seller or see the product tag or manual, etc., to see the weight limit. The accommodation capacity is usually written in lbs.

In general, hoverboards offer a weight holding capacity of 176 lbs. to up to 220 lbs., but it may vary with the brand and product, of course. For instance, the Hovertrax hoverboards offer a weight holding capacity of 220 lbs., while I have used the Segway hoverboard which came with a weight accommodation capacity of 265 lbs.

Once you know the weight limit of the hoverboard recommended by the seller, you should tally it with your weight (in the same unit). If your weight exceeds the limit, it means this hoverboard is not meant for you. Isn’t it so simple?

Well, never go for the hoverboard which offers a weight limit same as your weight; you should always make sure that there is a space of 10 lbs. at least between your weight and the weight holding limit of the hoverboard.

Usually, riders make a mistake that they carry the bag packs or wear heavy shoes which in combination exceed the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer. This is completely wrong, the weight limit should be greater than the cumulative weight of the rider, his apparel, and his belongings. This is because I suggest you always give space of a few lbs. to be on the safe side.

In case the weight of the rider or his belongings exceeds the weight limit of the hoverboard, it will get unstable and you might fall on the ground or meet accidental happenings. In this sequence, don’t take this aspect for granted.

Ride The Hoverboard In Open Areas

Open areas give you freedom of mobility; riders don’t need to start and stop the hoverboard repeatedly which saves the power and battery ultimately. This is because starting and stopping the hoverboard repeatedly requires extra pull and charge from the battery.

In addition, in the open areas, you are also safer than in the enclosed areas. It would be right to say that if you ride the hoverboard at a constant speed, its battery life will improve and so is its shelf-life.

Charge the Hoverboard Carefully

Don’t overcharge the hoverboard! You should always charge the hoverboard as recommended by the seller; otherwise, the health of the hoverboard battery will get reduced with time. Please avoid exposing the battery to environmental changes, like, high temperature, high relative humidity, extreme dryness, and more.

If the battery of the hoverboard seems extra hot, please give it some time so that it cools down. Once the hoverboard battery comes to room temperature, you are all set to charge it.

What Are The Factors That Affect Hoverboard Battery Power

The hoverboard battery power and battery life depend on many different factors like terrain, the weight of the rider, environmental conditions, and so forth. Let’s discuss all of these factors in depth.

Type of Terrain

The type of terrain to which the hoverboard is exposed affects the battery health directly. This is because riding on the surface consumes more input or battery power in comparison to riding on a smooth surface. I found the battery life most affected when riding in the hilly area because moving up against the force of gravity consumes more force.

It would be right to say that riding on smooth roads like parks, boarding tracks, etc., will save the battery health of the hoverboard. Well, that doesn’t mean I am restricting you from riding on the rough terrains or passing the obstacles. In my opinion, if you are a tough rider, take extra care of the hoverboard battery to improve its timing and overall longevity.

Weight of Rider

I have already mentioned above the cumulative weight of the rider, his clothes, and his belongings should be less than the weight capacity of the hoverboard. This is a huge factor because it took more energy for a hoverboard to lift or ride with more weight. The weight that you have put on the hoverboard will also affect its speed, battery life, and so on.

Environmental Conditions

The weather outside directly impacts the answer to how long the hoverboard battery will last. This is because the hoverboards are exposed to weather conditions like rain, temperature, or even UV light rays. Riding in tough weather or extreme conditions will negatively affect the battery life of the hoverboard, so you should avoid that.

Tips For Extending Hoverboard’s Battery Life

Well, you can increase the battery life of the hoverboard at home by adopting a few ways. Let’s take a deep tour of the tips and tricks shortly:

The first tip is to use the original charger to charge the hoverboard battery. This is because the battery either drains too fast or doesn’t charge at all when you connect it to some other charger.

Secondly, don’t drain the hoverboard battery unnecessarily, and make sure that the hoverboard is charged even if you are not riding it. Avoid constant battery drainage to increase the shelf-life of the hoverboard battery.

However, that doesn’t mean you are all set to overcharge the hoverboard. You should schedule everything and charge the hoverboard battery when it is not charged or indicating the red light. Overcharging the battery will cause the burning of the circuit board or might damage the whole battery permanently.

Lastly, you are recommended to store the hoverboard correctly. This is because storing the hoverboard in extreme conditions (other than room conditions) will impact the battery life of the hoverboard.


Q: How long does the battery last on the hoverboard?

Hoverboard comes with a Lithium-ion battery set that usually lasts from twenty minutes to sixty minutes or more. It depends on the hoverboard model, battery quality, terrain type, riding style, and other relatable factors.

Q: What should you consider when buying a hoverboard?

A rider should keep an eye on its construction quality, durability, stability, resistance, brand, price, and warranty. Cheaper hoverboards last for a few months, while if you look at the above-mentioned factors and buy a good quality hoverboard, it will last for a long time.

Q: What happens if you overcharge your hoverboard?

Overcharging the battery will cause the burning of the circuit board or might damage the whole battery permanently. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to overcharge the hoverboard.

The Bottom Line

You should check the hoverboard and its battery quality twice before spending your precious money. Even after purchasing a perfect hoverboard, you need to follow the guidelines, tips, and instructions that I shared in this blog.

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